Exam Policies

There is no requirement for a candidate to receive education and/or training prerequisite from Project Altitude, LLC prior to taking the certification examinations, this is to ensure the impartiality of the certification process. Candidates are welcome to enroll in courses designed to teach the Body of Knowledge for such credentials.  In enrolling in a course for a credential, the candidate also gains access to the certification exam for free. 

The purchase of courses, materials are optional and is by no means required to receive a passing rating on a certification exam. There is no advantage given to candidates who participate in examination review courses or education/training. Nor does Project Altitude, LLC imply or suggest that its education or training programs are the only or preferred route to certification.
Cancel & Reschedule Policy: Canceling your scheduled exam 1-2 calendar days prior to your exam date will incur a reschedule fee of $145. To cancel your scheduled exam and reschedule without incurring a fee, you must submit a written request to info@projectaltitude.us. at least 3 calendar days prior to your exam date. Canceling the same day is considered a no-show (see policy below). 

No-show Policy: A no-show means that a customer failed to join their scheduled exam video conference within 15 minutes of the start time. If you are a no-show for a scheduled exam, you must pay a no-show fee of $150 and a reschedule fee of $145. 

Failed Exam Policy:  The re-examination fee for a full exam is 65% of the applicable certification exam cost.
Refund Policy: Requests for refunds must be submitted to info@projectaltitude.us.  Refund requests submitted less than 3 calendar days prior to your scheduled exam will incur a $145 processing fee. 

Accommodations Policy: Requests for exam modification accommodations due to disability, handicap, or other conditions will be considered with supporting documentation. Submit requests to info@projectaltitude.us

Complaints and Appeals Policy: All certification related complaints and appeals must be reported in writing to info@projectaltitude.us. within 30 days of the event or incident. We will review and validate the complaint in a timely manner, and you will be notified of the outcome. The record of the complaint or appeal, including any actions taken to resolve the complaint, will be confidential. Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to discuss the course via a feedback form at the end of the course. All customer feedback documents are reviewed.

Surveys: All candidates will receive a brief electronic survey within 5 days after an examination in order to rate their examination experiences. Responses to the survey will in no way impact exam results. Responses to the survey, however, will be shared with the Project Altitude in order to improve the certification process for future candidates.

Exam Security: Our third-party proctoring site provided by training partners are accountable for taking appropriate steps to prevent and detect fraud and exam security breaches. Our partners may review for forensic indicators such as types of responses, latency, pass rates, and retakes may reveal patterns of cheating, collusion, or piracy. In addition, our proctoring sites provide industry standard monitoring during testing to ensure an appropriate physical or virtual testing environment. Steps are taken to ensure that administrators and proctors are sufficiently trained to provide good quality oversight of testing.

Cheating: If a test candidate is caught cheating during an in-person or Exams from Home session, the exam will be stopped immediately by the proctor/exam administrator. The test candidate will then be notified of the infraction, and informed as to what was observed. A detailed account of what transpired will also be emailed to Project Altitude and to their respective ATO/ATP, Credentialing Body. In most cases Project Altitude will defer to the proctor/exam administrator involved regarding how the situation is handled internally, including if the test candidate will be able to retake the exam. If further information is required by Project Altitude, the proctor/exam administrator will be notified, and next steps will be provided.

Other requirements not listed: See RBLP Exam Polices Here.

Project Altitude is a proud member of many credentialing bodies, ATOs and ATPs. Project Altitude will make required amendments and addendums to its policies to ensure it is within compliance of its ATPs/ATO/CBs. It is the responsibility of the candidate to review all polices and quality management systems of the credentialing body for which they want to certify as specifics may not be listed in this document; however, these specific requirements are in place.