Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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Course Description

The certification is designed to ensure its graduates leave an expert in the onsite Six Sigma Body of Knowledge demonstrated through the completion of rigorous testing and the completion of  DMAIC or DMADV projects.  The certification ensures the understanding of team leadership, team dynamics, curriculum development, and mentorship. 

Certification Audience

The target audience for the Master Black Belt certification are candidates who are or have been employed as MBBs within their organization, who have substantial experience in a Six Sigma/quality assurance organization.

Certification Outcomes

After completion of this certification, graduates will be able to - 


  • Act as a LSS Deployment Director, managing the deployment of multiple lean six sigma teams and projects with your own organization and others.
  • Act as an Educational Director, develop and assess impactful lessons and assessments, managing the ranking and education of hundreds of lean six sigma practitioners, helping them to go forth and improve their organization's process efficiency.
  • Act as a Professional Consultant. Be the expert called to manage multiple projects for large organizations.


You will submit all required documentation (see below) in the course room. Any questions can be sent to info@projectaltitude.us.  A Master Black Belt will contact you within three (3) business days to discuss your Master Black Belt requirements and scheduling of your certification exam. The Master Black Belt will provide feedback on your submission and work with you until your application is accepted. 


The following are the requirements to earn your CSSC Master Black Belt at Project Altitude:


  • Completion of a LSSMBB Project
  • Portfolio Review of at least three (3) projects [these can be simulated or real
  • 150-Question Multiple Choice/True-False Exam in 240 minutes; applicant must score a 70% [Applicant is permitted 3 - attempts]
  • 10-Question Open-Ended Question Exam
  • Develop one (1) unit of Lean Six Sigma curriculum
  • Mentorship of two (2) Black Belts and/or Champions, Executive.


Short Answer Exam Details

The short answer exam is made up of 10 open ended questions.  The applicant will be assessed using a three-point scale, Needs Improvement (-1), Satisfactory (+1), and Exceeds the Standard (+2) for each answer. The Applicant must score 6 points overall in order to certify. 


Master Black Belt Project Details

The applicant will submit one project in addition to their portfolio review. The applicant will be required to turn in a storyboard format project.  The project will be evaluated according to a project rubric. The rubric focuses on use of tools and steps taken by the applicant in each of the phases of the DMAIC and/or DMADV Process. An overall score of “Satisfactory” is required for the completion of this requirement.   If a project cannot be provided, the student will sign an affidavit stating their experience in completing Six Sigma Projects. 


Portfolio Review Details:

A project portfolio review is a requirement to be awarded a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  The portfolio review requires you to submit no less than three complete DMAIC or DMADV projects (simulated or live).  These projects will be evaluated on a Go/No-Go basis with recommendations for improvement provided to the applicant.   If the student is unable to disclose information about their completed projects due to the nature of their work, Project Altitude will accept a project affidavit on a case-by-case basis.


Curriculum Development Details:

The applicant will be required to develop curriculum for one unit within the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Curriculum.  The applicant will either submit a slide presentation with speaker notes on the unit or a video media recording of them instructing the content. 


Applicants must be a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  Additionally its encouraged that an applicant have three to five years of experience practicing Lean Six Sigma. 

We accept certifications from the following credentialing bodies, if yours is not listed, please email us prior to enrolling:

  • The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)
  • The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC)
  • The American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • Go Lean Six Sigma

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