Certified Leader in DevOps

Certified Leader in DevOps

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Course Description

The purpose of this qualification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge, understanding of fundamental DevOps skills and is able to work effectively with, or as a leading member of, a DevOps environment, analyzing and applying these skills and knowledge. The DevOps Fundamentals certification is a pre-requisite for the DevOps Leadership certification.


This certification is the second (Leadership) level of the DevOps qualification scheme and is aimed at anyone who wishes to become an efficient leading member of a DevOps environment and requires candidates to have and demonstrate a solid knowledge and understanding of DevOps terms, principles, tools and practices, as well as demonstrate their application skills of how to use tools efficiently and effectively. The certification can also cater for candidates seeking personal certification. This certification will provide the Leadership level of knowledge to its holders and will certify that they have a solid understanding of DevOps Leadership practices using various tools and are able to apply these in everyday work involving DevOps practices. This basic level of skills & knowledge is covered in the DevOps Fundamentals level of the qualification scheme.

Course Outcomes

At the Leadership level course, candidates will be introduced to concepts, terms, principles and tools used by DevOps Leadership to clarify, plan and approach a DevOps Transformation, validate and sustain a DevOps transformation, how the DevOps Full Stack approach can be engaged and implemented within the organization, as well as why DevOps Leadership is needed in modern enterprises, and how it can be aligned to value delivery. In addition, Scrum methodology, people and culture implications as well as the practices, processes, automation and technology used for adapting DevOps within an organization.


Holders of the DevOps Leadership certification, will be able to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and practical application of:

  • What is leadership and what is leadership for DevOps
  • How to lead an organization through a DevOps transformation
  • Establish the need for urgency for DevOps Clarify & align business objectives
  • Create a vision and strategy for transformation
  • Identify and influence the vital stakeholders
  • Lead a culture of self-organized, cross-functional teams
  • Gather, broadcast and Implement feedback
  • Enable flow across the value stream Break work into iterations to accelerate learning and experimentation
  • Lead for continuous delivery
  • Lead a culture of continual improvement
  • Lead for innovation
  • Improve organizational resilience & sustainability


There are two certification options for this course. An enrollment counselor will contact you once enrolled to verify your preference.


Project Altitude: These exams are 40-Multiple Choice Questions administered online throughout the course. Candidates require a 70% to pass.


PeopleCert: These exams are 20-Multiple Choice Questions administered online in a proctored exam format. Candidates have 60-minutes to complete the exam and require a 70% to pass.  The following are additional system requirements should you select the People Cert Option: Please note that this course requires the completion of a proctored exam, so you must have a webcam in working condition, or you will not be able to take the test.  The webcam will remain on during the test, and the video of your exam will be captured throughout the test. Additionally, a working headphone, or system microphone to connect to audio is required. The test works with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and other popular browsers. 


Exam Pass Rate: 95% PeopleCert; 99% Project Altitude

All candidates are offered an exam re-sit if they fail to achieve success on their first attempt. This is provided as a courtesy by Project Altitude.


There are two different sets of prerequisite options for this course. An enrollment counselor will contact you once enrolled to verify your preference.


Project Altitude DevOps Leader Certification: There is no prerequisite for this certification.


PeopleCert DevOps Leader Certification: You must hold a DevOps Fundamental or equivalent certification to sit for this certification exam. 

Included in this Course

• High quality online videos • Classroom study materials • Chapter tests • Study guides • Exams


Note:  If you have enrolled in the 100% online/self-paced version of this course, please allow up to 24-hour to gain access to your course room after enrollment. Once granted access, you will receive an email notification with your username and password.

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