Agile Coach Certifications (Scrum)

Agile Coach Certifications (Scrum)

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Course Overview

Certified Agile Coach (SCAC
SCAC prepares Scrum practitioners to manage and implement the concepts of Scrum into complex projects, programs, and portfolios. It also provides practitioners the platform to become a Scrum Consultant.
Designed for Scrum consultants and trainers, whose primary business is to provide consultancy and help in implementing Scrum in other organizations.
Should have more than 3 years of experience managing Scrum/Agile Projects and more than 6 years of project management experience. Additionally, applicants must hold a minimum of three of the following credentials: SDC, SMC, SSMC, SAMC, SPOC, and SSPOC).
Complete the required training and apply to Project Altitude to become a Certified Agile Coach.  Project Altitude will set up an interview with you to discuss your experience in Agile and potential to perform as a Scrum Certified Training, and a Certified Agile Coach.
 Applicant meets all training and experience requirements - Pay one time application fee $995. 
How to become a Certified Agile Coach.
  • Step 1.  Once you meet the requirments, purchase this option. 
  • Step 2.  An Agile Coach will contact you within three (3) business days to discuss your Agile Coach requirements and scheduling of your interview. The Agile Coach will provide feedback on your submission and work with you until your application is accepted. 
  • Step 3. Trainers who wish to continue as a Certified Agile Coach will be given the opportunity to affiliate as an accredited partner with Project Altitude.

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 Included in this Purchase

Certification Exam Costs • High quality online videos • Classroom study materials • Mobile Apps • Engaging case studies • Chapter tests • Study guides and podcasts • Certified Scrum Master certification.

Additionally, you get access to a fully certified Agile Coach and Scrum Certified Trainer to guide you along your online journey.  If you are ever stuck or need clarification, feel free to reach out to our instructors at or make an appointment.

Note:  If you have enrolled in the 100% online/self-paced version of this course, please allow up to 24-hour to gain access to your course room after enrollment. Once granted access, you will receive an email notification with your username and password.