SF182 External Training Request Instructions

Project Altitude's courses are approved for government and unit funding.  If you would like your organization or individuals within your organization to receive unit funded training, please follow the instructions on this page. 

The instructions on this page are intended to assist you in completing your SF-182. They are not intended to override individual program or regional office guidance. Please check with your local training coordinator before preparing an SF-182. Some training coordinators may be able to prepare a group SF-182 for your region or office.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your finance center or Pay Agent may request the DUNS/CAGE Code for Project Altitude. CAGE: 94BQ1 DUNS: 118228723

Step 1: Follow this link (Standard Forms (opm.gov)) and scroll down and select SF182.  

Step 2: Complete Box A Agency, code agency sub-element and submitting office number. Enter your agency code and office number.

Step 3: Complete Box B Request Status. Select the correct status from the four options listed. If this is an initial request, select Initial.

Step 4: Complete Section A – Trainee Information. Enter the information requested for the employee/service member attending the training. Additional details on each box can be found on page 6 of the SF182. Note: if more than one person will be attending training, your office/organization may require you fill out and individual SF182 for each individual.

Step 5: Complete Section B – Trainee Course Data. Enter the information specific to Project Altitude and your requested Training Program.  The following information may assist in this section.

  • Box 1a: Project Altitude, LLC; 6735 County Rd 708
    Enterprise AL, 36330.
  • Box 1b: Online, Virtual (If we are coming onsite, please list the location)
  • Box 1c: 205-719-6299
  • Box 1d: info@projectaltitdue.us
  • Box 2a: List the name of the course (Example: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)
  • Box 2b: Not applicable (Leave blank)
  • Box 3: Date you want to gain access to the course
  • Box 4: 30 Days from start date; please request extensions in writing.
  • Box 5: List the appropriate number based on the level of training requested.  Associate (2-hours); Professional (10-hours); Specialist (20-hours); Expert (40-hours). RBLP (3-hours), RBLP-C (5-hours), RBLP-T (7-hour).
  • Box 6: 0
  • Box 7: 01-Program/Mission
  • Box 8: 09-Training Program Area (Technical)
  • Box 9: 09-Project Management
  • Box 10: 05-Blended or 06-Correspondence
  • Box 11: 03-Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Box 12: Calculate this based on the level of training you are receiving - Associate (0); Professional (1); Specialist (2); Expert (4).
  • Box 13: 03-Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Box 14: Check “No”
  • Box 15: Check “No”
  • Box 16: Leave blank
  • Box 17: 03-Non-Government
  • Box 18: Example: Training Program to improve project management performance.
  • Box 19: Leave blank

Step 6: Complete Section C – Costs and Billing Information. Enter the information for costs and billing specific to the program you have selected.

  • Box 1a: This will be the number found on your quote.  Discuss options and bundles with a representative at Project Altitude.
  • Box 2b: 0.00
  • Box 3c: This will be the totaled number on the quote provided by Project Altitude.  Discuss options and bundles with a representative at Project Altitude.
  • Box 2a: 0.00.
  • Box 2b: 0.00
  • Box 2c: 0.00
  • Box 3: 0.00
  • Box 4: Leave blank
  • Box 5: Leave blank
  • Box 6: Leave blank

Step 7: Complete Section D – Approvals. Enter the requested information for your immediate supervisor, second line supervisor and training officer (if appropriate).

Step 8: Attach the quote to your SF182 by scrolling to the top of the form, and clicking the drop down menu in the upper right corner. Select the option to “View/Add Attachments”. Browse through your files to find and upload the quote to your form.  Don't have a quote? Request one at the bottom of the page, be sure to include the course you would like, whether you would like training, Exams, or both bundles, and the number of personnel you would like trained. 

Step 9: After completing the Approvals section and uploading the quote, save the SF182 and route the form to the appropriate reviewer (which should include the Immediate Supervisor listed in Section D, Box 1a.) in your program office, unit, or region.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.