Project Altitude Coaching Services

Elevating Professionals to the Next Level

You are one of your organizations most valued assets - with Project Altitude, you will be THE most valued asset.

A Coach for Established & Aspiring Leaders

Coaching is essential to reaching your peak and breaking through the plateau. All high performers have coaches including athletes, and top business professionals. That is why our programs are available for all professionals dedicated to growth, seeking to elevate to the next level in business, leadership, and life!

In a recent survey of Senior Military Leaders, 81% indicated that coaching improved their leadership skills. They additionally indicated that they learned new skills and enhanced their self-awareness.

The Coaching Difference

We view coaching as a metaphor to describe your journey from excellence to exceptional - from where you are to where you want to go.  Our coaches serve you by helping you to identify what exceptional is to you and collectively forging the path with you towards your elevation. 

When you choose Project Altitude, you will be paired with a credentialed and certified professional whom you can form a confidential formal relationship with, to assist in developing, and improving your knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to achieve your goals.

Benefits of Coaching

We will meet and exceed all of your expectations.  Our coaches are here to help you increase your awareness, identify preferences, ‘behaviors’, and improve performance.

The relationship between you and your coach is a partnership that entails thought-provoking and creative processes that will help you:

  • Maximize your’ personal and professional potential
  • Maximize achievement
  • Increase team and personal engagement
  • Improve and optimize team and personal performance
  • Develop resilient teams
  • Develop influence
  • Increase productivity

If you are dedicated to growth and willing to do what it takes to optimize your performance, apply now.