Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are your Programs Accredited?
Project Altitude is an Authorized/Accredited Training Partner/Organization with multiple Credentialing organization. Click here to learn more.

2. How does the value of Project Altitude compare to other certifying organizations?
Project Altitude offers the best of virtual training and one-on-one coaching in the industry. We offer programs that can credential you as a professional in as low as $895. You can also visit our scholarships page under “Programs” and service members can have their certification fully funded.

3. I have a professional certification from another institution. Can I enroll in your specialist program (example: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to Black Belt)?
Of course! We accept certifications from other certifying bodies. Contact us if you have questions about prerequisites.

4. Do I need to complete an associate level certification to register for your professional courses (example: LSS Yellow Belt to Green Belt)?
An associate level certification is not required to attend a professional level course.  A professional level course or three years working in the industry is recommended to attend specialist level training or take a specialist exam. 

5. What's required to earn my certification?
All levels of training require passing a certification exam with a 70% or greater. Find out what works for you here - Scrum - Lean Six Sigma - Sales & Marketing.

6. How will I receive my certificate?
You will receive a digital pdf. certification. Most courses will also provide you with a digital badge to display for your friends, family, and coworkers. 

7. What is the work experience needed to earn a certification?
Regardless of your experience, you can become an industry leader in process and project management or marketing.

8. What is your pass rate for your certification exams?
Based on first attempts, our certification exam pass rates are between 85%-99% with the lower end comprised of expert level exams and upper end of associate level exams. For specifics, check out each certification family’s “Certification Details”

9. Does your organization train group or companies?

  • Yes, live virtual and in person classes range from 5 to 30 students per instructor. 
  • If you are interested in joining with a group of peers or having your organization trained, please email us or contact us "here" and we will organize a special class for your team. Our self-paced courses have no limit.
  • If you want continuing educational opportunities and benefits for your organization, please check out our Corporate Partnership Program. 

10. How often do you hold courses and certification exams?
You can enroll in our self-paced/online training at any time! Our courses that offer one-on-one coaching are with a coach/mentor/trainer to align with your schedule.  Project Altitude is willing to work with your team or organization on a time that meets your needs.

11. What are the credentials of the instructors at Project Altitude?
All instructors hold either a doctoral level degree or terminal degree in their field. Instructors have no less than 10 years of experience within their industry and hold either a Master Black Belt, Agile Certified Coach, RBLP-T, CPC, etc. depending on the courses they instruct.

12. What does the bundle Training and Exam Include?
The cost of your training & exam bundle covers text books, online-videos, case-studies, mobile apps, simulated exams, chapter tests, study-guides, podcasts, certification exam, and digital certification.

13. Can I add this certification to my military electronic training record?
Yes, select programs such as Lean Six Sigma, ITIL, and RBLP certifications from our organization meet these requirements.

14. How long is my certification valid for?
Certifications in Scrum, RBLP,  and Lean Six Sigma, have an expiration of 3-year to align with accreditation standards.  Find our more on recertification's here.

15. How often are scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are awarded on a schedule depending on the specific scholarship. Check out our page on Scholarships and Donations.

16. Do I have to take a course to sit for a certification exam?

No, you are not required to take a course at Project Altitude prior to taking a certification exam.  Project Altitude provides its learners with the opportunity to purchase an examination preparation course with a certification exam cost included (see Courses & Certifications in the Main Menu) OR the learner can purchase the certification exam without the preparation course (see Certification & Recertification Exams).