Educational Partnership Program


The purpose of the Educational Partner Program is to provide value for organizations and businesses who are dedicated to maximizing their bottom-line, ensuring customer satisfaction and ensuring the professional development and fulfillment of their employees.

    Providing benefits has never been easier!

    The process for providing education benefits to your staff can be completed in 4 easy steps!

    • Step 1. Complete the form below: Complete the form below and a client success representative will contact you to schedule a time to discuss options.
    • Step 2. Discuss Options: During the meeting, we discuss the option that is best for you and your organization -or- we can design a custom option on the spot!
    • Step 3. Enroll: Complete the agreement with Project Altitude
    • Step 4. Start Learning: You could provide FREE access to three (3) trainings every month, company discounts, and annual boot camps.

    What Your Employees Get

    The Educational Partnership Program provides a unique opportunity for all professional enthusiasts, offering access to the largest collection of content in one place. Our program works with experts from various facets of Sales and Marketing, Quality Management, Project, Program, and IT Management who offer relevant and insightful content in their field of expertise. These experts share their content in our program’s ecosystem in the form of high-quality online courses available to all of your employees.

    Key employee benefits of the Educational Partnership Program

    • Access to high-quality, crowd-sourced content: Our program offers access to numerous useful courses and resources developed by experts in different domains. In total the educational package looks as such: 
      • Access to Three (3) Certification Courses a month.
      • Access to an Annual Certification Boot Camp
    • Free Associate Level Certifications: All employees receive access to Associate Level Certification courses and exams for free. They also gain access to professional, Specialist, and Expert Level Certification courses - the exams may be purchased at a significantly reduced rate. 
      • Six (6) free Associate Level Certifications
      • 20% Discount on all Exams
    • Enhance and share knowledge. Our program provides a platform to collaborate with other enthusiasts and to contribute to the growing pool of knowledge. With our program members can share, learn and improve.
    • Get recognized as an expert in your field: The top contributors to the community are recognized as experts on the website. This helps establish their presence in their field of expertise and opens up revenue opportunities.