Corporate Partnership Program


The purpose of the Corporate Partner Program is to provide value for organizations and businesses who are dedicated to maximizing their bottom-line, ensuring customer satisfaction and ensuring the professional development and fulfillment of their employees.

Benefits Include
  • Special Discounts on All Purchases
  • Access to Training and Certifications of Choice for Employees
  • Access to Group Leadership, Business, and Life Coaching with Certified Coaches
  • Listing on the Project Altitudes Corporate Partners Page
  • Contact Project Altitude to find out how you can provide your employees with industry leading certifications.

Providing education benefits to your staff has never been easier!

How it Works

The process for providing education benefits to your staff can be completed in 4 easy steps!

  • Step 1. Schedule an Appointment: You organization contacts Project Altitude via email, phone, or appointment to schedule an appointment.
  • Step 2. Discuss Options: During the meeting, we discuss the option that is best for you and your organization -or- we can design a custom option on the spot!
  • Step 3. Enroll: Complete the agreement with Project Altitude, and provide a list of employees interested in the program (be sure to get their permission before sharing private information such as emails).
  • Step 4. Start Learning: All of your employees then gain FREE access to six (6) trainings every month; of which three (3) can be certification producing.

Return on Investment

A common question asked by executive and stakeholders is does your program have any quantitative, empirical, return on investment data on the benefits of providing this training and earning your Lean Six Sigma certification(s) that companies can be provided/shown/quoted?

Project Altitude has collected some facts on the return on investment for tuition assistance and education programs in the workplace.

• Only five percent of American employers measure the impact of their tuition assistance programs, according to a 2017 report from the Lumina Foundation. Employers were spending $28 billion each year on tuition reimbursement, accounting for 15 percent of all expenditures on training and education; most without any accountability.

• There are three quantitative benefits an organization can gain from including an educational program in their compensation. According to the Lumina Foundation those are promotion, transfers, and retention.

• The Cigna report states tuition assistance program participants were 10% more likely to be promoted, 7.5% more likely to be transferred and 8% more likely to be retained than non-participants.

• The Discover report found a 21% percent increase in promotions, a 9% increase in transfers, and a 0.5% increase in retention, and nearly half-day decrease in absentee days for participants.

• Tuition assistance programs create a strong employer value proposition which can help a company stand out from its competitors when seeking talent. Additionally, higher retention rates reduce the need for recruitment, as fewer positions need to be filled.

• Harvard Business Review asked 2,000 workers what benefits, and perks would make them consider a lower-paying position and a higher-paying one. Of the respondents, 44% said that tuition assistance would be a consideration. In comparison, the response rate was lower for flashy benefits like free snacks (32%) and team bonding events (20%).

What Your Employees Get

The Corporate Partnership Program provides a unique opportunity for all professional enthusiasts, offering access to the largest collection of content in one place. Our program works with experts from various facets of Sales and Marketing, Quality Management, Project, Program, and IT Management who offer relevant and insightful content in their field of expertise. These experts share their content in our program’s ecosystem in the form of high-quality online courses available to all of your employees.

Corporate Partners not only receive access to the comprehensive resources on their program of choice but also can connect with each other and share knowledge.

For a nominal monthly or annual fee, your employees have access to expert content on any topic related to their field of study at Project Altitude with new courses added daily. This allows professionals and students around the world to stay updated on the latest trends and also helps them develop expertise in the field of their choice.

Key employee benefits of the Corporate Partnership Program

  • Access to high-quality, crowd-sourced content: Our program offers access to numerous useful courses and resources developed by experts in different domains. These courses usually include high-quality videos, study guides, quizzes and other resources.
  • Free Associate Level Certifications: All employees receive access to Associate Level Certification courses and exams for free. They also gain access to professional, Specialist, and Expert Level Certification courses - the exams may be purchased at a significantly reduced rate. 
  • Enhance and share Sales and Marketing knowledge. Our program provides a platform to collaborate with other enthusiasts and to contribute to the growing pool of knowledge. With our program members can share, learn and improve.
  • Get recognized as an expert in your field: The top contributors to the community are recognized as experts on the website. This helps establish their presence in their field of expertise and opens up revenue opportunities.

Start building your bench now - Email us and Schedule an appointment to find out how you can become a Corporate Partner